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Erdmann Art Conservation offers the following services:

- Object Examination - When you bring your art object in for conservation, the first step in offering services is examination. We will discuss your concerns, and the object's condition, potential treatment steps, and expected outcomes of treatment. A written report with photo-documentation and cost estimate will be provided prior to commencing conservation / restoration treatment.

Treatment - Art and historic objects suffering from breakage, loss, corrosion, flaking, pest damage, cracking, vandalism, water damage and age related deterioration can often be restored through various means to more closely represent the artist's intent or the pre-damage appearance. Fragile surfaces and structures can be stabilized to prevent further loss. The available options will be discussed to ensure expectations match results.

- Site Visit - One of the services offered includes travel to your location to examine large or difficult-to-transport objects. Treatments can sometimes be done onsite if necessary. Naturally, outdoor sculpture is most often treated onsite.

- Documentation - All conservation & restoration treatment is documented with written reports and high resolution digital photographs before and after treatment, as required under the AIC code of ethics.

- Collection Surveys - Collecting institutions may wish to contract with Erdmann Art Conservation to have portions of their collections surveyed to identify preservation needs and treatment priorities. Reports can be provided that would guide collections management strategies and can be used to support grant applications. 


glass restoration
For specialized metal restoration services please also visit:
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