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Outdoor Sculpture conservation, restoration & maintenance

Whether in routine maintenance, cleaning and waxing or complete re-patination, coatings application and structural repair, Mark  Erdmann has directly worked on numerous outdoor sculptures as well as managed large projects, supervising conservation technicians, and overseeing subcontractors providing labor and expertise.  Each sculpture project is unique and carries with it its own challenges and rewards. Outdoor sculpture has the additional challenge of being accessible and usually unprotected from public interaction as well as the elements of nature, and as such, needs regular maintenance and often restorative intervention to keep the appearance in accordance with the artists intent. Regular maintenance also has the benefit of discouraging mistreatment and graffiti, and extending the interval between restoration, re-patination or re-coating. Contact us today to discuss the restoration & conservation needs of the outdoor sculpture in your care. We can travel throughout North and South Carolina and Virginia to perform on-site treatments on outdoor sculpture.

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